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Finding Your Niche In The Market

How do you stand out from your competitors? Why should a homeowner call you before they call the other lawn and landscape maintenance company down the street? In many cities, there’s increased competition among landscaping and lawn care service companies. So, you need to stand out. Many green industry companies successfully diversify their business models to stay competitive.


For A Thriving Tree, Location Is Key

The first step in the process of tree placement is to look at all the other woody plants on the property. This can be done with a legal pad and a #2 pencil, or by using the latest landscape design software. In the end, the step of acknowledging the existence and size of the plants already in place is much more important than the tool used. The key is to simply note, mark, or describe through a rough sketch where specific plants are and how much space they take up.

Through this inventory process, “holes” or “gaps” in the landscape are identified. Open spaces don’t necessarily mean that a tree/shrub must be planted there, but it’s a good start. In addition to a gap or space, an existing tree in poor condition should be considered as a “hole,” in that it needs to be removed, and thus, an empty space for a new tree will be created.


Tree Removal

Hiring a tree service professional to provide trimming and care is an excellent decision if your property has trees. If you’re planning to hire a tree arborist near Decatur, there are several factors to bear in mind while choosing the professional who will be working on your property.

Watch this video for tips on hiring a tree arborist. Before scheduling your tree service appointment, there are a few things that you should learn about the arborist. First, find out if they are ISA certified, TCIA accredited, licensed, and insured. Then, ask for an explanation of the work that they will do on your property, and if they follow applicable safety standards. Learning about your arborist before making a decision can help ensure that you receive quality service.

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Storm Clean Up

All about tree care

While it’s common for people to worry about being injured during a storm, an alarming number of accidents happen after the threat has passed. High winds and stormy weather can cause damage to many of the structures on your property, including the trees.

While a broken branch may seem like a minor issue after a severe storm has wrecked the area, it can present a serious danger to nearby people and property. This is just one of the reasons why it’s important to call a tree service for tree trimming or emergency tree removal following a storm.

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